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Impact Kentucky Working Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions were provided to survey coordinators in preparation for the survey opening.

What is a working conditions survey and why do we need it?

The Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey is a biennial survey offered every two years to certified educators in Kentucky to give them the opportunity to provide input on teaching conditions that can be used to inform school, district, and state improvements. It’s a way to put teacher voice at the forefront of school improvement. This year’s survey will again be administered by Panorama Education, with input from both the Commissioner’s Teachers Advisory Council and Principals Advisory Council and oversight from members of a KDE project team.


What is Panorama Education?

Panorama Education’s mission is to improve student outcomes by helping schools and districts act on data. Panorama partners with more than 10 state agencies and over 45 of the largest districts in the country to reach more than 15 million students. Their research-backed survey content ensures that the data gathered by districts and schools can be trusted and acted upon. 


Who is eligible to participate?

Eligibility for the survey will be the same as in previous years. All certified educators who work at least an average of .5 daily per week in the school are eligible.  We do recognize there are unique situations in each district.  In some districts there are also modified schedules for specific roles that travel between schools to serve all schools within the district.  In this instance it is a local decision to determine about which school the educator should take the survey. The purpose of the survey is to give educators, where they serve and have sufficient experience, an opportunity to provide feedback to those schools. Eligible roles include:

  • Teachers
  • Assistant Principals
  • Principals
  • Other Education Professionals (school counselor, social worker)


If a staff member works at multiple sites or is part of a special program, how do they decide which school is right for them to take their survey about?

Each staff member can take the survey once. They should take the survey about the school that is their primary location of record. If they have any questions about this, they should consult with their district. 


Do central office certified personnel take the survey?

No. Only school-based certified educators working at least half time qualify to take the survey. This also potentially includes front office and facilities staff in schools.


When can I take the survey and how long will it take to complete?

The survey window will open Wednesday, November 1, and close Friday, December 15. The survey can be completed in 15-25 minutes.

What if I don’t have time to finish the survey? Can I save my work and return to it later?

No. The survey must be completed in one sitting. We recommend you begin the survey when you have the time to complete it in its entirety.


How will the survey be administered?

Each school will have a teacher-identified school survey coordinator. This survey coordinator will receive an email from Panorama in advance of the survey opening with a PDF containing access codes to be distributed among eligible staff members. The coordinator also will have the ability to monitor response rates to encourage strong participation across their staff. 


How do I take the survey?

All surveys can be accessed at beginning November 1, 2023. Enter your anonymous access code and complete the survey. Surveys can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.


What if I misplace or don’t receive my anonymous access code?

Select from the following options:


How can I be sure my responses are anonymous?

Anonymity is a critical component of any working conditions survey, and the Impact Kentucky survey is no different. To ensure your anonymity:

  • We will not ask any questions that refer to an individual educator or administrator.
  • No teacher or principal can be connected to a particular response.
  • Demographic information is combined with other respondents from across your school to mask responses and is only reported when a minimum of ten responses are received.


How can I know when my school reaches the minimum 50% response rate needed for school-level data?
Your school survey coordinator, the school point of contact, will have access to the survey response rate dashboard to show school completion rate.  

When can I anticipate seeing my school’s results?

All results will be available to the public in late January 2024. 


What kind of support can I anticipate once results are available?

Visit to find webinars, guides, and learning modules covering how to most effectively reflect on the data, leverage teacher and staff voices to improve school climate, and analyze data related to educating all students.

Accessibility Commitment

KDE is committed to ensuring that our web content is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. If you need information in an alternate format, please contact us through the KDE Accessibility page.